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Gotta Get Up, Gotta Get Goin’, I’m Gonna See a Friend of Mine!

I’m doing a double take on the date of my last post…August 3, 2009? Really? It’s been one year and a half since I last blogged? Insane. The reason why I’m getting back into it branches out from many mini-events going on in my life, mostly revolving around my passion to start writing again. Just recently I’ve received a notification in my e-mail from…somebody favored a 6-year-old Zelda story of mine (refer to the sidebar, please). I can’t believe that I get these sporadically to this very day. Also, blogging has been a subject of talk with my friend and cousin, the former of which has an excellent blog of his own which he wants to update soon (check my sidebar for the link).

As you can see, spring cleaning has been performed and my dusty old blog is shiny again. Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, a new theme–not to bad if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I’ll try to make posts oriented to a single-topic instead of my usual ramblings that involve multiple subjects, one of which almost always has to be videogames. I’m biting my tongue so hard right now–or in this case, pretzeling my typing fingers–I just hope the word gaming is not mentioned in this post again. Instead, let’s talk about Winnie the Pooh.

Say what? A 26-year-old writing about a Disney mascot that should be within the 3-5 age demographic? Well, yeah. Call me pathetic, but I’m not ashamed. I used to love him back in the day, and I just discovered that I still find it charming…thanks to Kingdom Hearts. There are also recent [tummy] rumblings of a new animated motion picture coming out in July 2011. I literally stumbled onto this revelation while brushing up on Disney’s animated films in Wikipedia. Unlike previous Winnie the Pooh films, this new one is next in Disney’s official list  after The Princess and the Frog and Tangled because it’s being handled by Disney’s own animation studios (51st animated film in canon). The results are just pure gold.

Look at that art. Amazing backgrounds. Watching this brought back all sorts of nostalgia with Winnie the Pooh, including that old puppet show of his (don’t know its official title) and the infamous New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh animated series. Loving the music of choice with the new trailer as well, set to Keane’s “Somewhere We Only Know”. My knowledge of the band is limited to this song and “Everybody Changes”. Should start listening to them more.

Anyway, back on track here. Here’s the awesome, super-catchy theme song of Pooh’s animated series, which hopefully will make an appearance in the new movie:

Ah, that song makes my tummy rumble with delight. Really catchy lyrics. Sadly, it’s under-represented in YouTube. Usually, fans tend to make remixes or cover old Disney music. Just search for DuckTales’ theme song and you’ll see what I mean. I only found one awesome vocal-less piano cover of Pooh’s song:

My five-year-old self is so looking forward to Winnie the Pooh’s true comeback. Jim Cummings is such a cool voice actor…hasn’t lost it from the looks of the trailer with his characterizations of Pooh and Tigger. Nice to see all of the gang here again as well. According to Wikipedia, the film will be based on 5 book stories of Pooh that have never been animated before. It’s going to be interesting to see how the movie bridges the gap between these stories.I tend to like one continuous storyline with no sudden intermissions, but knowing Disney a narrator will play a huge role in interconnecting these 5 stories instead of physically writing more plot to connect them.

And yes, another surprise to me is that Pooh is actually based on old children books A.A. Milne. It makes me wonder if they are hardcore fans out there who have actually read the books. I’m assuming that Disney’s representations are just as good as the original novels.

No matter how young the intended demographic is to certain things, nostalgia always moves me…which is why I will proudly walk into the theater as soon as the new Pooh movie comes out. Also, it helps that I’m a fan of Disney movies as well. The trailer looks to recapture the 80s animated series, so anyone who watched those (no matter how old they are) will undoubtedly feel the same way about the revival.

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