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A Week of Rest and Relaxation!

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Man, I’ve got to clean this blog up. Lots of dust and spider webs are flooding this place.

To tell you the truth, the only reason I haven’t been blogging here much is that I’ve been contributing to our official Project COE wordpress blog with as much game-related news as I can. That and nothing much has been going on these days.

I just came back from a week-long summer vacation with my family. I haven’t travelled with them in years so it was well worth the nostalgia. We went to a tropical city called Sharm Al-Sheikh in Egypt. Haven’t been there in years. Really nice place to bum around and simply relax on the beach. And that’s what we did basically. Sadly, my mom got sunburned. Yes, it is extremely hot around these parts during the summer. I was careful to put sunblock and hit the beach at the afternoon when the sun is just right…so I didn’t get much of a tan.

If you know the right places, the food over there is pretty amazing, too. We went to old town Sharm…two great restaurants were there; a Seafood place called “Al-Faris” and a BBQ one called “Al-Masriyeen”. We also managed to catch two hilarious Egyptian flicks. Sadly, English movies aren’t available there for some reason.

It was great hanging out with the family after so long. My dad’s the type of guy who likes to “organize” trips. I’m always reminded by my younger days when I look at him ordering my younger brothers around with various tasks and nitpicking on certain things. I used to get annoyed by it, but now it makes me laugh. You just can’t change dad.

Finally, I managed to catch up with my reading during this week. There’s nothing like reading after a dip in the ocean. I finished an amazing novel called “The Time Traveller’s Wife”. I’m a sucker for anything that has time travel, and this author managed to weave this concept with a romantic plot quite well. The movie based on it should be out soon…I’m wondering how well will they adapt the novel as this “type” of time travel is hard to replicate on the silver screen. After finishing up that, I began reading a pulp novel called “Battle Royale” written by some Japanese author whose name I can’t pronounce or spell…translated in English obviously. Aside from a few grammatical errors and Japanese-style impulsive sentences and descriptions, the book isn’t bad thus far. Very violent and suspenseful…now I know where games like No More Heroes and MadWorld came from. It’s so obvious that this book inspired the developers.

I may write more detailed impressions/reviews on these books in my free time. Later days.

PS: I brought the DS and PSP with me and surprisingly did not use them at all. Wow.

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