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Impressions of LOL Comedy Tour: Jeddah!

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Believe it or not, we actually have something here to do other than going to friends’ houses and restaurants in our free time!

Yes, stand-up comedy…in Saudi Arabia. Who would’ve thunk it? One of the most awesome experiences ever. And to think this was a last-minute plan that I caught up in last Wednesday…

So here’s the whole story from what I hear. Axis of Evil founders Ahmed Ahmed and Moaz Jobrani decide to tour the Middle East. Along the way, they’ve found local amateur talent in each country, including a few Saudis. Additionally, they’re filming a documentary called “Smile KSA” that’ll show the world how hilarious things can be here.

I know that they’ve done comedy shows multiple times here, yet this is the first time I go to one. All in all, it was a great experience. The only negative I found is that it was held out in the open and they didn’t think that the heat’ll get to us. Let me tell you; it was extremely hot and humid that night…which is typical toward summer time. Even Moaz joked about it on stage. Moreover, what’s with being around 2 hours late? Ironically, the comedians made fun of “local Saudi time” in which 15 minutes means an hour to us Saudis…oh so true, indeed.

As for the performances themselves, great stuff all around. With some acts I busted out laughing. Really needed it after my exams. Sadly, can’t remember who’s who so I’ll list out the names of the local talent for you:

Omar Hussein
Omar Ramzi
Hessain Mohammed
Rami Salami
Thamer Al Hamzi

One thing that these people have in common is that they’re extremely confident of themselves. Gotta give them props for that at least. The only one I didn’t like at all was one of the Saudis who was too raunchy for my tastes…I mean extremely raunchy. It’s like he’s desperate for sex or something. The other Saudi I didn’t get into was the opening act…the girls like this type of guy since he’s a “hopelessly romantic” person with this really flirty tone of voice that annoys me in general. I loved his closing joke, though. The Lebanese wasn’t half-bad. The “whitest Sudani ever” was really cool and it’s sad that he didn’t get a lot of laughs. The final “amateur” act of the day was AAA stuff…a Saudi with complete understanding of our culture and really integrated that into his jokes. Nice impersonations of various Saudi accents, and hilarious sense of humor all around. Whoever that was, I can say that he’s no amateur…he’s as close as one could get to pros like Ahmed Ahmed and Moaz.

Speaking of which, Ahmed was the host…and he was hilarious. Good job in managing stuff all around. The final act was Moaz, which is obviously the funniest without question. People say that he repeated a couple of jokes, but as someone who doesn’t really watch much of his work I didn’t mind. I did love the fact that he parodied some of the stuff in our culture as well.

Great stuff all around, guys. Please come again. Can’t wait to watch that documentary!

PS: If these comedians are reading this, I’d like to request more info on the local acts like a small bio on each with a pic. Your website currently doesn’t offer much.

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