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OB Clinical EOP Done!

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Just finished my clinical exam. Had one long case which was a basic perperium patient with no complaints or complications whatsoever. My history and presentation discussion went well enough. The two professors examining me were good-natured…but threw in a couple of “hardball” questions and tended to be on the spot instead of making me continue my history. I guess they knew that I had a good history from the beginning so they just wanted to jump into the discussion part.

One question that stumped me is how many cesarean sections makes a patient absolutely indicated for another cesarean? I read that any past history of cesarean should indicate another one, yet they’re telling me “2 or more”. Weird. Another nitpick question was if a patient was rubella positive during pregnancy, took the vaccine after pregnancy, and plans to get pregnant soon, what should you tell her? (Keep in mind that my answers surrounding rubella and the first antinatal visit lead them to the last questions). After a lot of guessing, I threw in, “tell her to wait…but I have no idea for how long”. Hey, at least I tried.

Did well enough in the examination part, but started to get fidgety toward the end…threw in a few dumb answers. Overall, it went much better than expected, thank God.

My written is tomorrow. Then after that, I have nothing! Summer starts early for me. I’ll continue the rest of 6th year at October and take my finals for all subjects with the resit students. Let’s hope I’m able to revise the ones I finished (Pediatrics and OB) during the summer so I don’t forget them.

I hope you guys are checking out the COE blog. The gang are having fun in E3.

Later days.


“Study, buddy!” + OB EOP, E3, and COE’s 5th Year Online!

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It’s crunch time, people…which is why I haven’t been writing here recently. Tomorrow and/or the day after, my Obstetrics and Gynecology End of Posting exams for 6th will start. As per usual, I have one clinical long case exam and a written one. I feel ready. Been studying with my friend for about three weeks non-stop.

Speaking of which, I haven’t really mentioned him in this blog before. “Zim” is one of my close friends and a really good study partner. I mean really, we medical students can’t survive without asking each other on the spot…questions like “what is the management of Endometriosis?” in this case. The trick here is good chemistry. Really good chemistry. You don’t need a bookworm study buddy or your best friend in the same field to help you. After all, your best friend can be your worst enemy when it comes to studying. Either he rants on about life situations and jokes around or becomes too strict…and either way he’ll somehow blame you for not progressing. Sadly, I had those experiences with other good friends of mine. I found Zim, however, to be great! It’s a matter of balancing each other out, asking questions constantly, creating a smooth vibe, finishing each other’s sentences when it comes to analyzing cases, and having a fun time. I’m glad that we hype each other up or else I would’ve never worked this hard alone and would’ve had a negative idea of studying with a partner. After all, my 41/50 in pediatrics was–after God’s support–thanks to studying with a partner.

Unfortunately for me, E3 2009 will be starting today as well. I won’t have time to completely catch up with this awesome gaming expo until Thursday. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, 4 of my Project COE crew will be attending E3 this year. I’ve setup a wordpress blog so that we can update seamlessly since our new site isn’t quite ready yet. You can check it out here:

Keep in mind that this will be the very first time our group will meet each other face-to-face. I did technically meet Jarrod in Montreal two summers ago, but that was more personal obviously. I’m sure that they’ll have lots of fun. Just keep checking the blog above for live updates.

Finally, as of today (my time), it’s Project COE’s 5th year online! Talk about overkill. My exam, E3, and this all in the same time! Too bad we don’t have anything special planned due to E3 plans, but I’m sure our crew will find time to celebrate there…and we can always whip something up as soon as they return next week.

As always, later days, people. I’ll update you guys with my progress as soon as I can.

Packing up and moving to wordpress!

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Hey people, it’s been awhile since my last post.

So after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to move my blog to wordpress. It’s sleeker, easier to manage, and is packed with features. Windows Live Spaces, while cool, is restricted compared to wordpress. I won’t be abandoning Windows completely, though. In the long run, the Skydrive uploads will be through there since I can use PowerPoint Presentations and whatnot. Text posts, however, will mostly be via wordpress.

In other notes, check out my links. You’ll notice that I’ve set up a Project COE official blog. Due to our CMS site being delayed, our staff will use this blog for their E3 updates. Be on the lookout for more updates as the days go by.

Life has been good, thank God. A bit on the busy side, though. While the attendance in my current Obstetrics and Gynecology rotation isn’t as harsh as the others, there’s a lot of studying to catch up on. Our EOP exam will be in two weeks and a half. Sadly, I haven’t started reading seriously yet. My Post-partum Hemorrhage presentation is the only big work I’ve done thus far.

As always, later days, people.

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