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I could ramble on about myself forever, but for now I’ll try to give you the 411 for the sake of just creating a page. I’m a 26 year old medical graduate from Saudi Arabia who loves videogames and values free time. Of course, I do have other passions like movies, anime, Tennis, and writing, but games are what I grew up with the most. As a result of games (role-playing ones in particular), I’ve become proficient in the English language (which isn’t my native tongue)…and branched out to other hobbies such as creative writing (see my fanfiction page), journalism (see, and reading fantasy novels. My mastery of the English language also helped me through medical school in the form of communicating with my superiors, understanding the source material, and making creative presentations. I also hope to delve into medical research soon enough. Finally, I tend to ‘nerd up’ when anything interests me…the internet and wikipedia has made me quite a knowledgeable person on stuff I didn’t expect to delve into, such as the history and inner-workings of animated films by Disney, Miyazaki, Pixar, etc.

This blog (as all blogs) will include my daily happenings of everything I’ve mentioned above. “Now On AFM” is a parody of the intro line mentioned in AFN radio (a.k.a. American Forces Network). AFM, in case you’re too daft, are my initials.


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