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Being Your Family’s Doctor…

As I sat with my friends watching “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, my mom called informing me that my youngest brother had a stomach ache followed by bouts of vomiting. There we go. Took a brief history, examined his abdomen, and came to the conclusion that he most likely had appendicitis. Off to the ER we went after consulting my friends. After a blood test, 200 ml of saline, and an abdominal ultrasound, turned out I was right in the end. He had his laparoscopic-based operation yesterday and he’s still recovering as I write this.

It sounds like I’m bragging, right? Not really. It’s just that I constantly worried that I had the wrong diagnosis even though the case was clear as crystal (pain starting at the umbilicus, radiating to the right lower quadrant)…something that’ll make me look bad in front of my family and possibly worsening my brother’s condition with short delays, which I didn’t want. The ER attending and nurse clouded my expectations since they were not thinking of appendicitis for some reason…maybe due to lack of fever, extreme pain, and rebound tenderness. Medicine does not work like that, though. I learned that you rarely get textbook cases…always shades of grey.

After yesterday I’ve come to realize that I’m my family’s doctor in a way. It’s one of these revelations which has always been in my subconscious but never truly analyzed until now. My mom, younger brother and sister have been coming to me with advice and questions about various complaints, but never an emergency like what happened to my youngest brother. It’s a strange feeling…but for the sake of my family’s well-being I’ll have to be extra cautious about stuff in the near future. By God’s will I’ll become the best doctor I can be.


About Ahmed Mosly

A medical undergraduate and a hardcore gamer? How does that even work? Is it even possible? Evidently, yes it is. Hope your brain doesn't explode from the awesomeness. I'm indeed both of these things despite my lack of proper time management skills. The scale isn't balanced times it will shift to one side more than the other. I'm happy though. So...what's my story, you ask? You won't find it the most original tale ever...but then again, all gamers start out the same. Perhaps the biggest twist in my story is that I'm from Saudi Arabia. read that right. We do have hardcore gamers's not just desert, camels, and tents as some of you may assume. Remember, assuming too much makes an ass out of you and me (ass-u-me). I've been gaming for 20 years now...ever since the NES was given to me as a birthday present when I was 5 (thanks, Mom and Dad!). Upon discovering the internet in the late 90s, the inner workings of the gaming community and industry made much more sense to me. At first, it was limited to being a fan of what I love most and reading facts from afar (a.k.a. writing Zelda fanfiction). Then in 2003, I stumbled upon Nintendo of America's official forums (Hyrule Town Square) and things started evolving from there. The community promoted me and thought that my passionate ramblings were unique. As that community grew (becoming known as Nsider eventually), I grew with it...until I met the duo of Jarrod Nichol and William Cook, two other fans who ran a column called "Iris Network" that covered rumors. They actually talked about one particular rumor I discovered back in the day. I started conversing with Jarrod more, discovering that we were both passionate about the same games (Zelda, anything from Square-Enix). Turns out that Jarrod was deeply involved in the gaming industry, and that's where I learned the basics. His passion of making his own independent site became a reality in 2004. Luckily he invited me to join the ride...and what a ride it has been! I've jumped around here in Project COE, taking part in many positions and not limiting myself to a specific task. Is there even an official title for someone like me? Either way, I'll keep on doing what I'm doing and hope for the best.

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  1. That’s pretty intense Ahmed. I’ve always known you would become a great doctor. Trust your instincts and I’m sure you’ll always come out ahead. I’m also glad your brother is ok 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, man. 🙂

      My bro was just discharged from the hospital yesterday. It took him awhile to recover but he’s managing right now, thank God. Still needs to not move much and eat light.


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