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OB Clinical EOP Done!

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Just finished my clinical exam. Had one long case which was a basic perperium patient with no complaints or complications whatsoever. My history and presentation discussion went well enough. The two professors examining me were good-natured…but threw in a couple of “hardball” questions and tended to be on the spot instead of making me continue my history. I guess they knew that I had a good history from the beginning so they just wanted to jump into the discussion part.

One question that stumped me is how many cesarean sections makes a patient absolutely indicated for another cesarean? I read that any past history of cesarean should indicate another one, yet they’re telling me “2 or more”. Weird. Another nitpick question was if a patient was rubella positive during pregnancy, took the vaccine after pregnancy, and plans to get pregnant soon, what should you tell her? (Keep in mind that my answers surrounding rubella and the first antinatal visit lead them to the last questions). After a lot of guessing, I threw in, “tell her to wait…but I have no idea for how long”. Hey, at least I tried.

Did well enough in the examination part, but started to get fidgety toward the end…threw in a few dumb answers. Overall, it went much better than expected, thank God.

My written is tomorrow. Then after that, I have nothing! Summer starts early for me. I’ll continue the rest of 6th year at October and take my finals for all subjects with the resit students. Let’s hope I’m able to revise the ones I finished (Pediatrics and OB) during the summer so I don’t forget them.

I hope you guys are checking out the COE blog. The gang are having fun in E3.

Later days.


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